“Our brand is our promise”


LI:OH, a new, honest and true brand which takes care and styles the hair, by means of natural and luxurious vegan products that respect health as it does the environment, achieving unique results.

LI:OH goes beyond the creation of products. It’s a lifestyle which by means of our gentle luxurious formulas we continuously search for an inspiration that allows us to take care of people in a holistic way, harmonizing the integral beauty of people in combination with an organic and natural process and environmental respect, expressed by means of “Our Jewels” for haircare.

LI:OH offers 23 products for caring and styling of hair, which we have called “Our Jewels”. We devoted a long time to the research and development of our exclusive formulas. We mixed in an artisan way our natural, high quality and pure ingredients, originating from Mediterranean organic farming to bring a collection of luxurious, ethical and sustainable products.

With these 23 products we cover the basic needs of care, hydration, nutrition, protection and styling. Emphasizing the beauty and natural movement of the hair, achieving a real and visible improvement with an immediate effect that enhances with continued use.


LI:OH is the new vegan brand of care, fashion and luxury with a strong sustainability commitment. Our ingredients are natural and ecological, the packaging is integrally made of sugar cane, and our company and every process involved is ethically sustainable. We follow the principles of corporate social responsibility, promoting real equality and labor conciliation while working with ethical banking.

We strongly believe that we can take care of hair and people while building a better society by means of our ethics and commitment.

What does LI:OH contain?

The best natural and pure ingredients with high levels of organic and sustainable cultivation, marine algae, organic oils from ecological origin, natural preservatives, natural fragrances, ecological manufacturing process, zero waste, dermatologically tested and ingredients tested by the certification authorities Natural and Vegan. Ecological packaging from sugar cane.


What does LI:OH not contain?

Silicone, Petrolatum, sulphates, parabens, paraffins, artificial preservatives, SLS, SLA’s, palm oil, mineral oil, aluminium, ftalatos, Dea, Tea, Mea, animal testing, plastic.