“LI:OH is the brand I always dream of”


“If you can dream it, you can create it”

Hi I’m Borin, hairdresser, stylist, non-conformist entrepreneur and passionate about life… I always thought that every thing I could dream of, with the proper effort and work, I would be able to achieve it.

Years ago, it awakened in me the need to find better and more natural yet effective products, apart from being healthy in the short, medium and long term, and being respectful to our planet.

I searched and tried. I found natural brands that barely offered results and brands that had results but they weren’t as natural… or at least, not as much as I was looking for.

At that time I started to dream of which would be the ideal brand for me, what would it contain and what wouldn’t. As well as what would be the outcome that would satisfy my clients’ needs and mine as a professional in the technical and stylistic part. After that I began to dream of what would be the ethic of that company and which would be the ideal social and environmental commitments. My goal was to achieve a luxury, 100% natural and organic cosmetic brand that accomplished spectacular hair quality and which not only was sustainable, but also contributed to the improvement of our society and planet.

This dream became an obsession once I started working in 2018, devoting all the time to the testing and investigation; shaping and creating together with our laboratory, stylist partners from all around the globe and clients that agreed to have their hair tested on at our disposal to be part of the dream.

It has been a long and exciting path, experimenting, learning, suffering, but overall enjoying the process of creation.

Today LI:OH is already a reality. It is the brand I always dreamt of and I have created it for you, from my heart, searching that the people who use them feel pretty inside and out. An effective brand, real and honest, that does what it says and says what it does.