The Matt – Matte Styler


LI:OH The Matt – Matte Styler is a texturising pomade for creating matte, satin finish styles. Its formula based on vegetable waxes, oils, esters and vitamins facilitates controlled, defined and flexible styling, while nourishing, softening and protecting the hair.

  • Take a small amount with your fingertips and work it into your hands until the pomade melts. Apply with the palm of the hand, and freely create, glide or scrunch the hair according to the desired style. Or apply with fingers to define and control small areas.
  • Use on damp hair: Provides control, texture and satin definition. After applying, blow dry to shape with your hands or leave to dry naturally.
  • Use on dry hair: Add texture for a total change of look. A matte, uncluttered look with a unique, flexible style. When applying, apply light pressure to hair and shape with fingers.
    For external use. Avoid contact with eyes.
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