“Commitments are acts, not words”

Luxurious and 100% vegan products

Developed and created in Spain

Natural ingredients from ecological farming

Artisan formulas

High concentration of active ingredients

Guaranteed effectivity

“Good for you, good for the planet” commitment

Dermatologically tested

Not tested on animals

Packaging, caps and dispensers are made of sugar cane or crystal

No plastic used

We only use paper and recycled cardboard

Zero Waste, residues are reused

We promote real equality and labor conciliation

We work by the program of Corporate Social Responsibility

We promote fair trade

We commit to actively listen to our clients to continue developing and evolving our formulas and products.

We are partners of the NGO We Forest working towards the reforestation of our planet by financing tree planting and therefore reducing the carbon print and avoiding global warming. We help local communities, creating employment opportunities for the planting and maintenance of our trees. We empower the women of these communities to be in charge of the coordination and resource management.

About We Forest

“We collaborate, restore, improve livelihoods, and measure our impact.

It's not about planting trees, it's about the overall result for the environment and for the people who live there. Regaining ecological integrity to enhance human well-being is key to ensure the forest will be protected for the long term."


Summary of the project

In the Luanshya district of the Zambian Copperbelt, WeForest works with thousands of smallholder farmers. Providing them with training and tools to diversify their sources of income while they plant and protect the local forests. As a result, they receive a higher income, diversify their economic activities and learn new skills.

Why is intervention needed?

The typical Miombo forest has suffered, in the Copperbelt province more than anywhere else in Zambia, for the mining and coal production. WeForest trains farmers in the restoration of their small farms (1 or 2 hectares on average) with indigenous and fruit-bearing trees.
ANR Mature forest

Livelihood development

Fruit-bearing trees take time to produce food or income. Farmers need short-term alternatives to replace the money they used to obtain from charcoal for instance. Beehives help tremendously as they can duplicate their annual income in some cases.

Our ecological commitment

Thanks to your contribution, every € 60 generated in purchases, will allow us the possibility of planting a new tree.


Our ecological commitment Since November 2020


As manufacturers of ecological cosmetics, we are entitled to guarantee that every product produced from our laboratory meets the demands regarding the presence of certain types of microorganisms, as well as avoiding the existence of bacteria that could alter the product during its normal use. Therefore, to guarantee the quality and safety of LI:OH, each product is subjected to the Challenge Test to verify the efficiency of the preservative system, based on the UME-EN ISO 11930:2019 regulation and European Pharmacopoeia.

Reduce, reuse, recycle and revalue are the four pillars under which we base our production with the purpose of achieving sustainable cosmetics, of great value for our clients, but with a low carbon print, aiming towards zero discharge and minimizing consumption and emissions.

As a result of the environmental commitment and the company’s philosophy in favor of a sustainable development, our laboratory counts on the Zero Waste certification. This seal promotes the implementation of a circular economy system by means of the recovery and recycling of the waste generated through a responsible, efficient and sustainable use.